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The JobCost Module is designed for small to mid-sized contractors and other businesses that need a project costing solution. It provides the tools needed by management to achieve maximum productivity and profitability on their jobs or projects.

The JobCost Module is developed to seamlessly integrate in real time with AccountMate SQL 7 and SQL Express 7’s System Manager, Payroll, Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable and Sales Order Modules. JobCost’s look and feel is so similar to AccountMate’s, it truly appears to be an AccountMate module.

What Owners Love about JobCost

It is easy to learn and use. JobCost is very logical and easy to understand. Thus, training is quick and new employees rapidly become productive which saves you time and money.

Job information is simple to find. JobCost provides instant access to accurate and real time information about your jobs with key information organized on a single screen. Estimated and actual costs are summarized by type of cost with drill downs to their detail. Document files such as contracts, change orders and pictures can be attached to a job for easy access and viewing.

Sophisticated reports exist to monitor job profitability. With reports such as the Job Summary Report and the Estimate vs. Actual Cost Report, it is easy to spot problems, prevent costly mistakes and maximize profitably. All transactions are date sensitive so you can preview or print them for job-to-date or for any period of time.

Data entry is painless. Most of a job’s costs are recorded as a result of entering transactions in the other accounting modules which improves both productivity and accuracy. For example, when a purchase order is created, the items ordered are linked to the job. When the related accounts payable invoice is entered, the job’s information from the purchase order is automatically entered on the invoice and then posted to the job.

Accurate and complete estimates. Estimates are easy to create with the ability to inserting items, changing their sequence and copying existing estimates or templates. If the Estimator creates the estimate in Microsoft Excel, it can be copied and pasted into the job’s estimate screen with just a few clicks.

Customizable for unique needs. Like AccountMate, JobCost is fully modifiable. This means that if you have a special requirement, regardless of its complexity, JobCost can be modified to become your solution.


JobCost Module [pdf]

JobCost Demonstration Video (30 mins) [wmv]

Detailed Description

Cost Types and Cost Codes

Cost Types and Cost Codes are used to summarize estimated and actual costs for job analysis purposes. The JobCost Module has six system predefined Cost Types; Labor, Materials, Equipment, Subcontract, Overhead and Other. Cost Codes are sub-groups of these Cost Types. You can create an unlimited number of Cost Codes to fit your company’s needs. JobCost gives you the option to assign default Cost Types and Cost Codes for each inventory item and employee to speed data entry and accuracy.

Job Screens

The Job screens are the center of the JobCost system. They give you easy access to enter, update and review the job’s key data.

Information Tab

Important job information is available on this tab. JobCost provides you the flexibility of three Charge Methods; Fixed Fee, Estimate Based Time and Materials and Cost Based Time and Materials. There are also three Billing Methods; Percentage of Completion, On Completion and Prepaid. Real time critical amounts are shown for your easy review.

JobCost Information Tab
Job - Information Tab
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Estimate Tab

Creating an estimate is a snap. The Estimator can build an estimate his way by adding, inserting and changing the order of the items. Or, he can start by copying an existing estimate or template.

If the Estimator prefers to create the estimate in Microsoft Excel, it can be copied from Excel and pasted into the job’s estimate tab with just a few clicks. Invalid data is color coded for easy identification and correction before saving.

AccountMate JobCost Estimate Tab
Job - Estimate Tab
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Analysis Tab

The analysis tab provides a summary of the original estimate, working estimate, actual costs and committed costs for the labor hours and for the labor, materials, subcontract, equipment, overhead and other costs. There are drill downs to view the supporting detail transactions.

AccountMate JobCost Analysis Tab
Job - Analysis Tab
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The UDF Tab has User Define Fields to record information about the job which is unique to your business. These UDF definitions include the field name, type of data (date, amount, character or logical) and length.

Files Tab

Files such as Word documents, Excel worksheets, PDFs, pictures and drawings can be attached to the job on the Files Tab. You can quickly access these documents for viewing or printing.

Purchase Order Module

On a single purchase order, the items being purchased can be allocated to different jobs or to the warehouse. This gives you needed flexibility when creating purchase orders.
The transactions with a job number are posted to the jobs as committed costs. When the items are received, the committed costs become actual costs on the jobs.

AccountMate JobCost purchase order module line item
Purchase Order - Line Item Tab
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The Purchase Order Line Item and Purchase Order Backorder Reports have a sort by Job # to show the purchase order line items that have been created for a job and which purchase order line items have not be received.

Accounts Payable Module

When entering the invoice, the purchase order's items and job allocation information are automatically entered on the invoice which saves a significant amount of time and greatly improves accuracy. Saving the invoice posts the transactions to the jobs as actual costs.

AccountMate Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Invoice - Job Cost Distribution Tab
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Inventory Control Module

Items in inventory can easily be transferred from a warehouse to the job or from the job to a warehouse.

AccountMate Inventory Control Module
Inventory Transfer
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Payroll Module

On the time card, the employee's hours and amounts can be allocated to different jobs or not allocated. This gives you the required flexibility when entering time cards. Saving the time card will post the actual hours and costs to the jobs. You also have the option to have the system calculate and post the actual employer's payroll tax and/or workers comp insurance expense to the jobs. Payroll based on the piece work is also supported by JobCost.

If you do not prepare your payroll in-house, there are other methods provided to post labor cost to the jobs.

AccountMate Time Card
Time Card / Piece Work - Time Card Entry Tab
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The Time Card Entry has a sort by Job # by Employee to show the time card details for each transaction entered.

Sales Order Module

If you are using JobCost for project costing, the ability to create a job from a sales order is very practical. The sales order line items are automatically transferred to the job's estimate. You even have the option to have the system make the job number the same as the sales order number.

When the sales order is shipped and an invoice is created, the billing is posted to the job.


You have an option to charge jobs overhead based on a fixed amount per labor hour worked.

Change Order

When entering a Change Order, you can record its key information, increase or decrease the contract amount and create an estimate for the Change Order. The estimate is combined with the original estimate to become the working estimate.

Job Billing

Billings can be prepared for Fixed Fee, Estimate Based Time and Materials and Cost Based Time and Materials contracts. Retention is calculated and tracked by JobCost. Invoices may be created in the Accounts Receivable Module and posted to the job. In either case, the invoice is maintained in the Accounts Receivable Module.

Projected Cost

In the Projected Cost function, you enter the cost to complete for a job in progress and the system calculates its projected cost at completion and the percent completed. This process is used to assist you with identifying cost control issues and to adjusting your revenue, cost in excess of billings and billings in access of cost general ledger balances.

AccountMate Project Cost
Projected Cost - Detail Tab
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The detailed data is summarized on the summary tab. Each Projected Cost is saved for reference and can be used to create a projected cost for the next period.

AccountMate Project Cost Summary
Projected Cost - Summary Tab
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All of the JobCost reports have multiple sorts with sophisticated criteria options to get the exact report you want.

When previewing a report, clicking on a blue amount will retrieve the supporting report for that amount. Using this feature is an efficient method for reviewing the status of each job.

AccountMate JobCost Reports
Sample Print Options
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Key Reports
Click on Report Name to view a sample report.

Job Listing List the job's key information.
Estimated Cost Report Shows the estimated cost details for the job.
Actual Cost Report Show the actual cost details for the job.
Estimate vs. Actual Report Shows the estimated versus actual quantities and amounts with variances.
Summary Report Shows a summary of the job's key information with estimated, actual and variances for revenue, costs by type and gross profit.
Billing Detail Report Shows the job’s invoices with line items
Projected Cost Report For a job in progress, the report shows the job’s estimated cost, actual cost, estimated cost to complete and projected total cost for each cost code and cost type.
Change Order Report Lists the job's original contract, change order and current contract amounts.
Job Order Shows the job's key information with the job's estimated quantities and descriptions, and work description for the production department.
Change Order Shows the job's key information with the change order's estimated quantities and descriptions, and work description for the production department.

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