Client Testimonials

Janus logoJanus et Cie
Greg Buscher
Chief Financial Officer
JANUS et Cie

"This is simply to say, 'thank you' to you and your staff for doing such a wonderful job on the development and implementation of the much needed Sales Tax Module within our AccountMate enterprise software. As you know, JANUS et Cie was fighting an uphill battle to stay abreast of, and in compliance with the vast range of sales tax regulations and rates that affect our nationwide business. The new features and monthly sales tax updates have been instrumental in enabling us to meet our obligations timely and accurately, and enforced a discipline on data-entry that gives us better precision and simpler access to all kinds of locale-based data.We recently wrapped up a California sales tax audit covering 18 quarters of sales data - to no one's surprise the quarters falling after the implementation of the modifications were virtually error-free.”

Nederlander logo

Tonia Daves
Nederlander West Coast

"At Nederlander Concerts, we promote and produce live entertainment events in our owned or managed facilities including the Pantages Threatre, the Greek Threatre, the Santa Barbara Bowl, the Grove of Anaheim and many other venues. In 1997, 4 Corner Software was instrumental and indispensable in getting us to set aside our manual accounting system and implement AccountMate.

In 2006, 4 Corner Software introduced us to their JobCost Module. A few of the many benefits that it has provided us are:

  • We are now able to track our projects’ revenue and costs. Before implementing JobCost, we would estimate a project’s expenses, but really had no way to track the actual costs against the estimated costs. This made it difficult to manage our projects and improve our future estimates and project profitability.
  • We have been able to track our advertising expense for each project and have caught double payments where the vendor charged us a deposit and also billed us after the ads were run. This saved us over $10,000 within the first few months. These errors would have been impossible to catch without JobCost.

4 Corner Software has been top notch when it comes to service. Any issues we have run into with the system has been addressed and corrected immediately. We couldn’t be happier with the services provided by 4 Corner Software from software upgrades to on-going support.”

Dozar Company logo Sheila Weiss
Chief Financial Officer
Dozar Company, Inc.

"Dozar Office Furnishings has been in business for over 50 years. We have worked with many computer consulting firms since we first had our own software created in 1984. In March of 1999, we took the advice of one of our vendors and entered into a contract with 4 Corner Software using AccountMate. Our system was customized to fit our rental program and to this day our specialized software is working well, needing only slight modifications as we upgrade."

Bolfing Brothers Marble Inc. logo
Rose Anne Bolfing
Vice President of Finance
Bolfing Brothers Marble, Inc.

“Just like a child who is dragged to the doctor's office kicking and screaming because there are vaccinations on the horizon, we have behaved badly when an upgrade has been necessary. "Doctor" Vernon Ikeler and his staff have taken the pain away and instilled confidence in our software. Since the early years, our computer saga filled a notebook with terrible chapters of hardware and software malfunctions and support staff which was anything but... We were multiusers at work when people were playing Pac Man in their homes. NEVER EVER in that whole long list of operating systems, accounting software and tech support was there ever anyone as reliable and knowledgeable as Vernon. His special gift to our office is to be able to manage the AccountMate software and do custom programming, but his expertise as an accountant provides a layer of confidence in our reports that we did not previously enjoy. His timely help and knowledgeable staff are a real blessing to our corporation.”

Merit Financial logo
Mike Getlin
Executive Vice President
Merit Financial

"Merit Financial has been an industry leader in the precious metals business for over 25 years. Our software needs are quite complex, and after using several over the counter and custom systems, we settled on AccountMate with the support of 4 Corner Software in mid 2008. Since then, we have had unprecedented control over our complex inventory and mostly seamless operation of the system. 4 Corner Software was able to customize the features we wanted, implement a software roll-out that fit our busy schedule, and help keep the whole platform running effectively. I’d strongly recommend 4 Corner Software and AccountMate for any company looking to run a big business quality software program on a reasonable budget."

Janet Schaefer
Office Manager
Ventura River County Water District

"Ventura River County Water District has been receiving software customization and support from 4 Corner Software since 1999. I have found 4 Corner Software, LLC to be responsive, capable and easy to work with. It has provided me peace of mind to know that technical support is available at a moment’s notice. I am pleased to recommend 4 Corner Software, LLC for your technical support needs."

Anvil Steel logo
Paul Schifino
Anvil Steel Corporation

"4 Corner Software has been our business partner since 1996. From our first meeting with Vernon, we started a partnership of growth for our company in how we handled our accounting and financial requirements. With his vast knowledge in the varied areas of accounting and AccountMate, Vernon has been very instrumental in modifying the programs to meet our requirements. He and his staff are always available to assist with any questions or problems, big or small. Whenever we have any major issues they are always there to work on our situation, causing as little downtime as possible."

Reuge USA
Sam Seagal
General Manager
Reuge USA
"AccountMate has drastically cut down on order taking time because we now have the ability to view multiple order forms simultaneously, because of the software’s graphical user interface. Additionally, and perhaps most important, the new software is giving us much more sophisticated and accurate inventory tracking capability. In the past, we did a lot of manual inventory control. However with AccountMate, we have been able to automate the entire process which has allowed us to better anticipate shortages and quickly place orders with our Swiss offices."